Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Updating...

           Ahh... Going to sleep soon... just felt like updating... missing Mozarc..

         Just in case you guys don't know what Mozarc is, Mozarc is a game. You can only play it at an arcade though. It has very beautiful illustrations and songs. I do play it with Keiko. You can hear some of the songs at my playlist.

          I have a link to the website of Mozarc below:

        I think that's all for today. Gotta get some sleep. Will be waking up at around 10 am tomorrow. Nights.

Monday, March 12, 2012 will be the day!

      Hi everyone. Today will be the day that my blog will finally come to life. Well the reason it is coming to life is because right now i just feel like blogging. To tell people who I do not know about my problems without worrying about anybody who I know or talking about reading this. Well, this means i still take care of their feelings. hahaha. 
            Well today, I am feeling dense. Hmmhm...... okay. The reason is I have a friend who is quite close to me called me just twenty minutes ago (right when I was in the middle of watching a scary game walkthrough). She called me and kinduf complained about stuff about me. Haih. I'm not even sure whether I can even type the whole thing out here. All I know is I really feel like I am at the end. LOL. I really feel like going outerspace right now. Hahaa. Don't misunderstand me. I am definitely not the type to go all emotional. But well after the phone call maybe yeah...a little. 
         Well you see, this friend, I have a little issues with her. Our school has a group project. We have to find a night market to do our research and another one is to find a factory or manufacturer or something. Then our group contains seven people. One is Keiko, Kaori, Sarah, Abigail, Yuki, Rin and me. Yuki and Rin is in first class and the rest of us is in the second class. So last Thursday, we had History. One of the projects is for the subject. Our teacher said she wanna check our progress in the research. I asked Keiko but Keiko was obviously very busy so I, as a group member, of course I'll try to help her. Then I sort out the other group members' duty and stuff. I showed to my teacher and she said everything was okay. Then I edited a few stuff and showed it to my group members which is in my class first. The members in my class agreed to everything I wrote. I told them to tell me if they do not agree or something. 
      Then when school was over, I had to say back for Mandarin extra class. I then showed it to Rin. I reminded her that if she cannot make it or she do not agree she had to tell me earlier and I'll try to reschedule it for her if possible. She said she agree with everything. Then during that night, we went to the night market first. It was raining. I called Rin up and told her that I might be going at 8 something (because my parents said they wanna go for dinner and they my as well drop me there on their way). But Rin said she gotta wait because her brother is watching SPIDERMAN. I thought that that might take a long time. So, I told my parents to have their dinner first. Resulting, they came back at nearly 9. OAO. Oh gosh... It was still raining. I called Keiko and she said they were already there. So I rushed there.     
      I reached at about 9 something. I walked around aimlessly not knowing where to go. I called Keiko, Yuki and Kaori but they didn't pick up. =A= Damn. Luckily, I found Kaori. Hahah. I walked around with her. After that we went to meet up with Sarah and Keiko. Hahahh. We walked around doing our project and then suddenly my mum called. She said Rin was waiting for me at Old Town for quite a long time. Honestly, my phone never did rang. Kaori and I rushed to Old Town. We did find her there. Well, obviously she wasn't in a good mood. 
       Then today, she called me. She complained. I told her what I felt. Then at the end she told me, '' You didn't give me a chance for me to express how I feel.''. Seriously, I really don't know what to do. 
   Well, I am having trouble with Keiko as well. Well, to me Keiko is my friend and I really hate losing friends. Nowadays I felt like she really hated me. Okay I know I am quite offensive but seriously I was just joking. Maybe I was too harsh yeah. Maybe. But sometimes having a conversation with her is like as what Keiko said, '' Kill or to be killed.''. But at the end, I will tend to forget about it. I don't really keep matters like that in my heart. I will complain to Yuki and later I am all okay. Hahah. Sometimes you really need a listener who understands what you feel (Yuki is a great listener. Same goes to Kaori.). But after that, Keiko and I will be okay. 
         But you see, I don't know what is going on between me and Rin. She's different. Not like Keiko. Last time she wasn't like this. Something of her had changed. Maybe it was really all my fault. Maybe I shouldn't have asked her to wait. But if I knew what was going to happen, then I would be God. 
        Seriously. I'm really tired. I just need a break. I can't continue my school life like that anymore. It is enough, Rin. Just blame it on me. It is my fault. I rather end this and throw away my pride than feeling exhausted mentally and physically. I don't wanna argue anymore. I don't wanna worry anymore. 
           Just what is the point of having friends when they can do nothing but to put more stress and negative effects on you? I just feel like sleeping now. Good night. =V=