Monday, December 1, 2008

11th Birthday

It was a day before my birthday.I kept looking at the clock hanging on the wall.It is only 11.54pm. Suddenly my mum asked me to take a bath. Then I went to take a short bath. I was singing in the toilet happily. Then I came out from the toilet and dry my feet on the carpet. I was shocked to see my sister, Emily and my mum lighting up the candles on my cake. Then I quickly run into the room to take my pajamas. I have no time to think and quickly change into my pajamas in the living room. I ran to hit my sister, "HAIYA, boosh!". Then she screamed at me, "WEIII!". Then I took a stool and sit down. Then my sister, EMILY, said, "Come, come, come! Take some pictures!" Then I jog into my room and woke my second sister up and I ran out to menyambut my birthday cake. Then I took some pictures because of my sister. I blew the candles and put my face on the cake. Just joking. I cut the cake of course. Then I went to hit my cat, Kitty. I smashed my cat. And I put the cake into the fridge and went to sleep without brushing my teeth.

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I have been bugging my sister for my birthday present. She said "Aiyo. Everyday birthday present only.POKAI LA LIKE THAT!". She asked me to call Richard kor kor.
Me: Ehhh! No birthday present meh? Today my birthday you know! You din even wish me.
Richard kor kor: NO! Your birthday you should wish me Happy Birthday. My birthday then only I wish you.
Me: Cannot laa like that. Never wish nevermind but birthday present must come.
Richard kor kor: Ask che che laa.
Me: Che che never give me anything. She gives me sai. So I asked her go die.


Richard Ng said...

so long winded... how many times u want ppl to know that ur sister, emily... lolx...



millymin said...

HAHHAHA! Richard NG! You jealous ahhh????