Friday, February 27, 2009

Bad Day

HI!!!!! Soooo long I did not update my blog because I'm busy with my studies for UPSR. I got a fever this morning and my mum made a cup of Milo for me and I drank it and I quickly took the helmet and ran out of the house. My dad fetch me to school today because my mum wasn't feeling well. It was very cold when I was sitting on the motorcycle. My dad dropped me at the corridor and I walked straight into the canteen. I wasn't feeling very well and I feel like fainting. Then I told my very best-friend, R-Gor Ooi, she was asking me tonnes and tonnes of questions. Then the bell rang, its time for assembly and I went to line up with my classmates and we sang the patriotic song, Jalur Gemilang. I kept eying on the uncle tossing roti canai in the canteen until the assembly is over. Then I went to fetch my bag and went back to class.

On the way back to class, I saw my BM tuition teacher, Cikgu Rohani, I wanted to call her but it was a little too rush for me as I need to get back to class urgently for first lesson. I quickly changed into my PJ attire and went to the Bilik Pemulihan to get my PJ teacher. She directed Swat Ming, Bernice and I to get some exercise mats. When I went down I couldn't find my BM tuition teacher. I took 3 mats to the canteen and laid them down straight. We laid on the mats and pretended as if we were sun tanning. Out of nowhere, some stupid fellow stepped on my mat and pulled it over and I rolled down like popiah.

Ok forget about school. Its just so lame! My sexy sister,ahem ahem, Emily, came to pick me up from school. We walked to the car and my mum brought us to the clinic. My mum and I went to see the doctor. Later, we went to eat chicken rice. In the evening, I drank a cup milo and went to tuition. Then my friend, Vaneesa made a cup of ORANGE JUICE for me!!!!!!!!! I did my work and waited for my dad to pick me up. Then I reached home and out of sudden my sister shocked me in the dark. Then my sis decided to make a bread party. Emily made french toast and tuna with onion whereas I toast bread. After we ate then I started blogging. Then we heard Elizebeth, 70-year-old, making some weird voice. Then her 40 year-old boyfriend shouted PUSSY!PUSSY! I was like OMG!!!!! I thought they were EHEMING. But it was a false alarm. It was actully a cat's name. Pussy Boy. Huh. What a day. Whooooooo. I really like to stay and talk but I gotta go study. So this is all for today. BYE!

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